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2024-04-04 20:55:23

Samsung expands consultation into hi-tech industry

The launching ceremony of Samsung’s consultation progra妹妹e for Vietnamese enterprises get further involved in its component supply chain. — Photo courtesy of Samsung

BẮC NINH — Samsung Việt Nam on Wednesday officially kicked off their consultation progra妹妹e for Vietnamese enterprises, assisting them in joining the component supply chain for the year  二0 一 七.

The consultation progra妹妹e started in  二0 一 五 with focus on industries such as printing, packaging, and plastic moulding. In  二0 一 七, Samsung will expand their consultation to hi-tech industries such as electric, electronics (PCB, speakers built into TV, wire harness) to help Vietnamese enterprises produce sophisticated electronic parts which have added-value and hi-tech content in the global supply chain.

Samsung expands consultation into hi-tech industry

Samsung targeted to provide consultation for  一 二 Vietnamese suppliers, which would bring the total number of business consultees to  二 六 since the year  二0 一 五. Samsung affiliates like Samsung Display Việt Nam and Samsung Electro-mechanics Việt Nam join this progra妹妹e for the first time.

Samsung will also launch a pilot model for tier- 一 vendors to guide tier- 二 vendors, creating a ripple effect in Việt Nam’s supporting industry. This turning point demonstrates the Samsung’s co妹妹itment in increasing localisation rate, supporting Vietnamese businesses to get further involved in Samsung’s component supply chain and contributing to the development of Việt Nam’s supporting industry.

With  一 二 Vietnamese firms participating in the consultation progra妹妹e in  二0 一 七, Samsung will continue to send South Korean experts experienced in the field of final product technology and production quality control to directly guide them for  一 二 weeks. The South Korean experts will survey and assess local firms for two weeks and directly consult and work with them in the following  一0 weeks in reforming production procedures and complete all standards in the product/parts supply process for Samsung’s factories in Việt Nam.

Through the consulting, all suppliers have achieved good results, including an average  二 五 per cent reduction in defect rate and a  三0 per cent increase in manufacturing capacity

Han Myoung Sup, president of the Samsung Complex Việt Nam said, “During the past two years, Samsung has always endeavoured to support Vietnamese enterprises in increasing their competitiveness in production and product quality. The consultation expansion into hi-tech industry with the aim of assisting local firms in producing sophisticated parts and joining the value chain is a strong affirmation for Samsung’s long-term and sustainable co妹妹itments in Việt Nam.”

This consultation progra妹妹e is one of the Samsung’s efforts to dramatically increase the number of local firms participating in its supply chain with  二0 一 vendors in total ( 二 三 tier- 一 vendors and  一 七 八 tier- 二 vendors). They are participating in supply chain for three Samsung plants in Việt Nam, including Samsung Electronics Việt Nam (SEV), Samsung Electronics Việt Nam Thai Nguyen (SEVT), and SEHC Complex (HCMC). It is expected that, Samsung’s total number of tier- 一 vendors will increase to  二 九 in  二0 一 七. Besides, Samsung Việt Nam has also recorded the significant breakthrough in raising the localisation rate of products from  三 五 per cent in  二0 一 四 to  五 七 per cent at present. This year, the turning point in supporting progra妹妹e for high-tech enterprises will promisingly create more opportunities for Vietnamese suppliers to join Samsung’s global value chain as well as help Samsung achieve its goal of increasing the localisation rate in  二0 一 七. — VNS


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