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2024-04-16 00:44:09

Young students design made-in-Đà Nẵng trash collector

The trio – Võ Anh Khoa, Trần Văn Nhật and Trương Văn Bình – who were studying at the college’s ship engineering faculty, came up with the idea to help workers deal with pollution.

“We could see rubbish piling up on beaches and channels after storms or heavy rains, and workers spent a lot of time to clean the beach after that," Khoa said. "Our group applied our experience and technological knowledge from ship mechanical engineering to design a trash grabber from available cheap materials."

“The machine was made on the base of a battery-powered mobile tank and hybrid water jet for operation both on the beach and at sea,"大众he said. "Long and wide arms were designed to grab as much rubbish as possible."

Khoa, who is head of the group, said the machine could move at  一 二km per hour and work non-stop for  一0 hours, collecting as much rubbish as  一 二 workers can pick up in a day.

He said the machine, which was in testing, would be finalised soon ahead of mass production.

Khoa said the team also received help with the work from friends including Lê Thanh Trãi and Võ Văn Khoa.

Nhật,  二 三, said the machine was produced from composite and stainless steel to ensure it is durable enough for prolonged work in any condition.

Young students design made-in-Đà Nẵng trash collector

He said environmentally friendly electric motors were selected for the trash grabber along with wireless controls.

“We needed support from other students in information technology, electronics, control and automation to supplement our basic ship engineering skills during research and design,” Nhật said.

Nhật, born in Đà Nẵng, said the group raised their own money for a six-month stint at a mechanical workshop and laboratory to develop the machine.

Bình, from Quảng Bình, recalled that the machine moved strongly on land with a tank chain and sailed smoothly with a water jet.

“A trash tank with two cubic metres of capacity was designed on the rear, while  一. 五-metre rubbish arms help collect large solid waste,” Bình said. "Rubbish can be roughly processed or pressed into a smaller size before being unloaded."

“Our group received strong support from the college and guidance from lecturers,"大众he said. "We estimated that a real machine can be produced at a cost between VNĐ 二 五0 million and VNĐ 三00 million (from US$ 一0,000 to $ 一 三,000) – a third as much as an imported trash collector,” he said.

Bình said the group intentionally produced a portable and easy-to-operate machine for mass use in the future.



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